Cadar Printed Patchwork Bedsheet Cotton Multi Color RM95

25 December 2015

Cadar Printed Patchwork Bedsheet Cotton

Cadar berselerak selepas bangun tidur? Tidak sempat untuk mengemas?

Kini anda tidak perlu risau lagi, kami datangkan cadar yang sungguh selesa, menjimatkan masa anda untuk mengemas dengan menari-narik cadar, malahan mudah untuk dibasuh hanya menggunakan mesin dan semestinya cantik, sedap mata memandang.

Cadar saiz KING / QUEEN / SINGLE Printed Patchwork Bedsheet Cotton Comforter, 100% cotton dengan corak yang menarik, cantik & berkualiti.

Why Printed Patchwork Cotton Bedsheets :
  • Comfortable.
  • Cotton is popular for  its soft texture and breathable nature make it feels good against your skin.
  • You would not feel hot or sweat  even  without air-cond.
  • People with allergies and chemical sensitivity are especially benefited.
  • This bedspread  will not crinkle make it saves time to tidy the bed.
  • Nice to use and easy to wash.
  • Washable in the washing machine.
  • The more frequent you wash, the more it getting soft.
  • Comes with many designs and colours.

Product Features :
  • Woven Techniques.
  • Machine Washable : Cold water.
  • Do not let soak, gentle cycle.
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry, low heat, wash separately.  
  • Popular and modern design.

Material :
  • Front : 100% cotton
  • Back : 100% cotton
  • Filling : needle punch cotton
  • Thread Count : 350

  1. SINGLE : 1.8m X 2.2m
  2. SUPER QUEEN : 2.3m X 2.5m
  3. Pillow Case :  70cm x 50cm
  4. Bolster : 100cm x 35cm

Choices Availability And Price :
  • 2pcs (single size)           - 1 bedsheet + 1 pillow case, Rm90
  • 3pcs (super queen size) - 1 bedsheet + 2 pillow case, Rm100
  • 6pcs (super queen size) - 1 bedsheet + 4 pillowcase + 1 bolster case, Rm135

  • *Price shown included postage to Peninsular Malaysia only. 
  • *Sabah / Sarawak has to top-up rm20 / rm15.
  • *Weight per unit : 2.5±kg - 3.5±kg

Speedy Response :
  1. To get the Updated Pattern, please message us 'Update single / queen' using Whatsapp.
  2. To BUY the Printed Patchwork Bedsheet Cotton, please do not hesitate to message us 'Buy single / queen' using Whatsapp.
  3. To get the Wholesale price, please message us 'Wholesale price' using Whatsapp.
  4. Anything else about Printed Patchwork Bedsheet Cotton, just write and send to us using Whatsapp platform.

Please Whatsapp Us For Any Enquiry :
  • +6 012-57-70-340 (Siti Khadijah)


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