The Hijab Dilemma! Hujan Emas Di Negara Orang

02 September 2013

janji aman tiada perang diluar jendela?

So today i went for temporary job hunting at KLCC since KPLI won't be anytime soon. most of the stores gave me a shocking same answer.

NIKE : "Kita mmg nak pakai orang, tapi xnak yang pakai tudung"

Topshop : "Sorry, pakai tudung xboleh kerja sini"

Esprit : "emmm.." *laughs with the co-workers* "we don't hire hijab people"

Isetan : "Selalunya kita tak ambil orang pakai tudung kerja dengan kita"

and some other stores that gave the same answer.

I've lived in the UK for 4 years, i've travelled places in the Europe and North Atlantic, but never have i felt disgraced by wearing a hijab. And today in my own country i was disgraced for covering my hair. Merdeka? Really? This is clearly NOT an Islamic country. Even the UK is not like this. I am disappointed.

See..that's is malaysia. Me had an experienced working in uk.. they're never ask to open the hijab...but even more they're respect the hijab's people.. they will ask if can shake hand or not.. even when went to saloon..they will find a private room for us.. can we stand to not comparing msia with others country..

That's the thing - we have always been mistaken as an Islamic country when we are actually not.

We're just a country that makes Islam as our official religion. There are big differences between that and the thought of our country is an Islamic country.

Merdeka??? Rethink again...

Khadijah Firdaus
Sudah baco...Harap komen...

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